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Carpet Clean - Heavy Staining Tunbridge Wells

Jump to PhotosOne of our clients' rooms had a combination of stains on the bedroom carpets making the job a lot harder to complete. One or two different stains usually is what we come across on residential cleans, but a multiple of stains often means choosing the correct chemicals for each dye. Alternatively having one or two compounds that can deal with a combination of stains at once - Without damaging the Carpets!

Mixing chemicals can always cause problems including damage to the carpet, so it was essential for us to know which chemicals would get the very best results.

The agitation process has got to be thorough as the stains are old and a mixture of food, alcohol, fluids, ash, make up & footwear.

We use HOT WATER EXTRACTION to remove the dirt causing the staining AND the chemicals from the carpets to ensure we get the very BEST result & no chemicals were left in the carpets.

Look at the difference in the Before & After, you can see the excellent result we gained - But we needed to know what we were doing!


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