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Cleaning Services in Tunbridge Wells

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • At Best Carpet Cleaners we are recognised as providing professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services of the highest quality. Our experienced carpet cleaners have built a trusted reputation for quality of service and the effectiveness of our machines, technique and detergents.
  • Best Carpet Cleaners use the most advanced hot water and steam extraction machines available. Our carpet cleaning machines will clean into the deepest pile down to the base. We are extracting dirt, grime, microbes and mites leaving carpets hygienically clean, fresh and looking brand new.
  • We use environmentally friendly solutions and detergents to deep clean all types of carpets from natural fibres to synthetic pile, ensuring carpets are protected and cleaned to the highest standards.
  • One of the most significant advantages of our hot water and steam extraction methods are the faster drying times. Our top of the range carpet cleaning machines is so powerful the high suction vacuums leave your carpets and upholstery drier as most of the water is extracted at high pressure. Your carpets are left only slightly damp post-clean, and thoroughly dry with 3-4 hours.

Stain Removal & Protection

  • Best Carpet Cleaners are specialists at tackling stubborn stains and worn in the dirt. Our expert technicians recommend that stains should be dealt with as soon as possible. Before seeking expert help, we recommend you do not use shop bought chemicals on these stains. Often, these stain removers contain bleach and bleaching agents which only bleach out the colour of the stain showing a cosmetic improvement, however, they do not get into the pile or remove the cause of the stain. They can also cause further damage to your carpets and react with professional detergents.
  • Your best chances of recovering a lousy carpet situation are to call a professional. Best Carpet Cleaners are available seven days a week and will come out as soon as the same day subject to availability to save your carpets in an emergency.
  • Best Carpet Cleaners carry all the necessary tools to tackle the majority of household stains such as red wine, tea & coffee, make-up, inks, pet urine and many more.

*Please note: Although we can guarantee a vast improvement on most stubborn stains, we cannot guarantee all stains will be 100% improved.

Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

  • Couches are not only a functional piece of furniture in the home, but they are often the treasured centrepiece of a family room. Having your sofas professionally cleaned using state of the art hot water and steam extraction methods not keeps your sofas looking clean, hygienic and fresh, but extends the lifespan of your sofas dramatically.
  • Best Carpet Cleaners have professionally trained technicians with years of experience within the upholstery cleaning industry. Ensuring your sofas receive a thorough and deep steam clean.
  • The process involved in cleaning a sofa is similar to that of the carpets. The same high-spec machines are used, with the addition of specialist hand tools which ensure the safest and most thorough clean of your upholstered furniture without the need for the use of excess detergents, while extracting all dirt particles and causes of stains and smells. Our specialist tools leave your sofas and upholstered fabrics as dry as possible, mitigating long waits and the inconvenience of days without seating. Your sofas should be thoroughly clean and dry within just 3-4 hours.

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Curtains & Drapes

  • Curtains and drapes are another expensive household necessity, so it only makes sense to keep them looking their best for longer. At Best Carpet Cleaners, we have the tools to clean all types of curtains, from domestic to theatrical.
  • We clean curtains on site and in location ridding the need to take them down and rehang. No areas will go untouched; our professional technicians will clean everything from the pelmets to the lining.

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Mattress Cleaning

  • Keeping your mattresses clean is almost more important than the cleanliness of your carpets, when you consider that you are in contact with your bed every night. Mattresses harbour all kinds of tiny bugs and bacteria along with dust mites, dead skin cells and other organic material. It is recommended that mattresses are cleaned a minimum of once every year to maintain their cleanliness and lifespan.
  • Professionally steam cleaning your mattress has numerous health benefits. Including minimising symptoms such as asthma, eczema and other allergies which can be aggravated by the build-up of bugs, mites and other allergens within your mattress.
  • Mattresses are cleaned using our professional hot water and steam extraction systems which gets deep into the mattress removing dirt and stains and killing any bugs and mites. Our high-powered vacuum systems leave mattresses only slightly damp once clean however we recommend making an early booking as some mattresses can take up to 8 hours to fully dry.

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Restaurants & Pubs

Clean and well-maintained carpets show your customers that you care about the people walking through your front door every day.

Best Carpet Cleaners can ensure you not only present your business at its best but also help you meet health and safety regulations with regular cleans. Your are saving time effort and stress and the costly expense of replacing carpets and upholstered furniture with undeniably great results.

Restaurants and pubs are where everyone goes to meet friends, family and to relax and unwind. Perhaps your clientele is mainly businessmen and women attending colleagues, clients or business associates. For these types of clients, expectations are high. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let us help you make that first impression count!

Best Carpet Cleaners have the experience and tools that will cut through the heaviest of ingrained in dirt, food and spilt drinks with ease. We use the industry’s most respected hot water extraction machines that are 100% child and pet-friendly as well as kind to the environment.

Not only can we tackle the most stubborn of visible stains, but our professionally trained technicians are experienced with removing trodden in dirt, food and drink spillages, dust, bugs, mites and bacteria by cleaning deep into the carpet and upholstery fibres at the highest temperatures for safe use. In the absence of routine professional cleaning, the carpets and upholstered fabrics of your business will degrade beyond repair, and you will find yourself paying handsomely to replace them.

Cleaning services that work for you

At Best Carpet Cleaners, your business is valuable to us, and we understand your business needs to suffer the least disruption possible. Our Highly skilled and experienced staff will always wear branded uniforms, arrive promptly and work to minimise any downtime within your business. Knowing that time is money, we offer an out of hours service to suit your business needs.

Rest assured, Best Carpet Cleaners are fully insured, and CRB checked, and ready to put your business back in the spotlight as the destination of choice for your consumers. End of Tenancy & Agency Contracts

End of tenancy/start of tenancy cleaning for landlords

As a landlord, you want to present your property at its best and cleanliest, not only for the benefit of drawing new tenants to your property but to preserve the life and quality of your carpets and furnishings. Best Carpet Cleaners have years of professional experience with cleaning commercial and domestic properties.

Our highly skilled technicians employ high specification machines providing hot water and steam extraction to get rid of the toughest stains, cleaning deep into the carpet pile and eliminating dirt, dust, mites and allergen causing bugs.

Nobody wants to repossess their home and find that their tenants have caused damage to expensive fittings and furnishings. Save yourself the stress and expense of replacing your carpets and call the professionals to restore your property to its previous glory and ensure you are receiving the highest rate available for your property.

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End of tenancy cleaning for tenants

The time has arrived to vacate your rented home and move on to a new destination. To get your deposit safely back in your pocket, there are a few tasks that need to be tackled. The biggest is to ensure your old home is sparkly clean in preparation for your end of tenancy check-out. Often the state of your carpets can let you down and your agent may ask you to have them professionally cleaned prior to releasing your much-needed cash.

That is where we come in. Best Carpet Cleaners are experienced professionals with expert training in tackling even the most stubborn of household stains, from red wine and food stains to pet soiling and outside dirt trodden into the floors. Although we recommend you call a professional as soon as a stain presents itself in your home, however even old stains can be removed when tackled by our highly trained technicians and industry recommended machines.

An end of tenancy carpet clean is best left until your furniture and belongings have been moved out, the floors vacuumed and the rest of the property has been cleaned. This ensures no one will be treading any further dirt on the newly cleaned carpets and your deposit is returned to you in a flash. The same applies if you require the same service in your new property. Many tenants make the mistake of assuming a carpet clean is simply a superficial necessity, however, what you may not realise is the extent of the dirt and allergen causing mites and bacteria that hides in the deep fibres of most household furnishings.

It is often surprising to our clients how much a difference it can make to have their carpets professionally cleaned. Especially if anyone in the family suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma or other allergies. Having your carpets professionally cleaned with our eco-friendly, child and pet-friendly detergents is one of the most rewarding ways to begin life in your new home.

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Agent Contracts

As a property manager or estate agent, an essential part of checking in and checking out a client’s property is ensuring the cleanliness of the flooring is of a high standard which provides your client receives a premium for his property.

When a property becomes vacant, it is essential to have it looking and smelling as clean and fresh as possible to attract as many potential purchasers and tenants as possible. In the current market, competition is high, and a clean, inviting home can be the ticket to securing a sale or new tenancy. Replacing carpets and upholstered furnishings is an unnecessary expense when a team of highly qualified professionals could come in and substantially improve the appearance and cleanliness of your vacant property quickly and affordable.

Best Carpet Cleaners guarantee that we will clean the carpets, hard floors and upholstered furniture to the highest standard, providing out of hours services as well as a fast and thorough turnaround. No matter the size nor state of the property, our results are proven and highly rated. We understand that occasionally properties need to be cleaned very quickly between tenancies and can offer around the clock service when necessary. At Best Carpet Cleaners, we have full liability and risk insurance which means we are insured on the items we clean in your homes – giving your customers full protection and additional peace of mind.

Don’t just take our word for it; we can provide references for our work with agents and landlords attesting to our professionalism and high standards. With our proven track record we can offer competitive rates to our agencies and valued regular customers. We can provide free no-obligation quotes via phone or email. When in need of a professional carpet cleaner, give Best Carpet Cleaners a call on or leave a call back request via our online booking form and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.